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I've had a crush on Ice Cube since I was 12

I love Ice Cube.  I don't think he's the best rapper ever and he's not the cutest, but I have always loved him! Have you ever known (or not known) a boy who you just loved.  Sometimes when you get to really know them you don't even like them.  The fantasy is always so much better. I imagine Ice Cube to be awesome, likes Ani Difranco, kills roaches without getting skiddish, and smells really good. Tpot-

01/19/2011 2:00PM
I've had a crush on Ice Cube since I was 12
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01/20/2011 11:44PM
Dear Afternoon Swirl, My boss plays b97 every single day. So not only do I have to listen to the same songs repeatedly, I nearly cry whenever the swirl comes on. Stevie G your voice makes me want to throw my body off a cliff. T Pot your laugh makes babies cry and makes me want to slam my head against the wall. Seriously there is no way possible that your laugh is real, its repulsive. The point is, I would rather sell my soul than listen to you for 3 minutes and would pay good money to see that I need have to hear the sounds that come out of y'alls mouthes ever again. I am sure that y'all are great people but running my car off the causeways sounds more appealing than listening.
03/01/2011 1:26PM
tPOT, There are no words to express how happy you made my lezzie heart today. The mere mention of AniDifranco makes me love yall even more. ROCK OUT WITH YOUR CLAM OUT! ;)
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