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Jammer's Blog

Jammer's Blog

Weekdays from 10am-3pm -Jammer is playin' all the hits, all day long and the iPod Shuffle shakes things up at noon!


How CRAZY are you right now?

It's always the same... The last week before Christmas running around like a crazy person!! The kids are yelling, malls are hell, roads are packed, and your patience are THIN:)... The slightest breeze could set you off like a land mine!! On a scale of 1(not annoyed at all) to 10 (nuclear bombs should eb affraid of you) where do you stand?? Just remember it's all over Sunday and the memories are what it's all about:)) Enjoy ..... or NOT:)) Merry Christmas and a great 2012.. 

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12/21/2011 5:41PM
How CRAZY are you right now?
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12/26/2011 3:11AM
funny jammer
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