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Kidd Kraddick Kellie Rasberry Big Al
Kidd Kraddick Kellie Rasberry Big Al Mack  
J-Si Jenna
J-Si Jenna
Jammer TPot Stevie G Corey B
Jammer Tpot Stevie G Corey B

Lil Tony   Annette on the Net
Lil Tony   Annette

Kidd Kraddick

Weekdays 5am - 10am
Kellie Rasberry
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Kellie Rasberry
Kellie uses a disarming southern style to be the voice of reason. She knows what you are probably thinking and is spirited enough to say it.

Gutsy, and opinionated, she’s always spot-on and if you don't love her now...give it just a little time. A single mom, Kellie is known for her addiction to discount shopping and potato chips.
Weekdays 5am - 10am
Big Al
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Big Al Mack
Random, lovable and up for anything. Big Al is relatable to both men and women.

A born entrepreneur, Al met Kidd years ago when he owned a limo company. Now, he can be seen almost nightly at his bar and during his time off in Mexico. He’s a self-proclaimed playerwith a girlfriend of 2 years…Will this one last?
Weekdays 5am - 10am
JSi's Twitter
J-Si was bor nin Mexico City and raised in southern California. He loves sports, working out, seeing his familia, playing video games,  listening to music and being a daddy to his two kids Cason and Khloe. J-Si’s extensive knowledge of celebrity happenings and pop culture make him a go-to guy for all things entertainment...or at least football. 
Weekdays 5am - 10am
Jenna's Twitter
A tomboy at heart, Jenna is the fashionista on the show. She can tell you the latest fashion trends and how to show them off. She is known to rock the hottest designer heels…then lace up her cleats to play a game of soccer. Jenna loves new music. Despite being on-air at the crack of dawn, she is frequently seen at the coolest concerts.
Weekdays 10am - 2pm
 Jammer's Twitter 

5 Facts About Jammer
1. Can't deal with the big roaches... (Flying roaches can never be tolerated)

2. I am always asking myself why does New Orleans have an over abundace of bugs?

3. I think New Orleans should have a 2AM limit on bars (JESUS PLEASE!!!)

4. I really like the Westbank.. Lived in Marreo!!! Love the people:)

5. I love going to Chalmette!  Again, the people make the town!! They are real and welcoming!

Bio in 140 characters or less:
Been around a little working at radio stations (even Nola few yrs back). People here are simply the best. Never wanna go anywhere else :)
Weekdays 2pm - 6pm
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5 Facts About Tpot
1. I am a mother of 2

2. I wake up in the middle of the night and check my phone and will respond to text.

3. I love cats always and forever.

4. It’s depressing how disorganized I am.

5. I’m afraid of my extremities not working.

Bio in 140 characters or less:
Nola girl through & through. Loves seafood, singing her solo band, & feeding Chloe locally farmed milk. Open book filled with mystery & gore

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm
Stevie G
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Stevie G

5 Facts About Stevie
1. I'm uncomfortable around people bathing.

2. I once cried in jail.

3. I HATE the sound of a person brushing their teeth.

4. I LOVE the name Abed'nego.

5. I once accidentally hit on a nun (she was in regular clothes).

Bio in 140 characters or less:
Born and raised in New Orleans, Stevie now resides in the lowlands of Kenner. He enjoys writing full length Tony-worthy plays and napping.

Weekdays 2pm - 11pm
Corey B
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Corey B

5 Facts About Corey B
1. Corey B was once sued by the Naked Cowboy of New York

2. Corey B hates ugly feet.

3. Corey B played baseball in college.

4. Corey B's favorite soup is Ramen Noodle.

5. Corey B once lived with a Japanese family in Japan for 2 weeks.

Bio in 140 characters or less:
Corey B started his career in Radio at age 20 in Tampa, FL. He loves being the life of the party which led him here to B97 in New Orleans!

Tony's Facebook
Lil Tony

5 Facts About Lil Tony
1. Lil Tony loves music and concerts.... hence the job

2. Lil Tony's favorite candy is Twizzlers.

3. Lil Tony is a triplet.

4. Lil Tony stands 5'5" tall

5. Lil Tony is half Venezuelan and half Italian, but thinks olives are the devil

Bio in 140 characters or less:
Local for Kenna Bra!! Love my city! Love my state! Who Date and Geaux Tigers!

Throughout the day
Annette's Facebook
Annette on the 'Net
I'm the one behind all the misspellings and type-o's on b97.com...but I'm also the one behind all the sweet free stuff we've got here...so cut me some slack!  :)  You'll hear me updating you about b97.com all day long!

5 Facts About Annette
1. Grew up an Army brat.

2. Felt at home in New Orleans because of the liberal drinking laws.

3. I'm often at events, but don't let my friends tag me in the FB post because I'm also often lying to someone about where I am.

4. If I could, I'd drink nothing but coffee, Diet Coke and red wine.

5. I have twins.

Bio in 140 characters or less:
Used to party. Then I had twins. Now my idea of a party is a full-night sleep. But I'm  more fun then I sound...Or maybe I just think I am?

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