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Girl Breast Feeding At Her Graduation, Are You Offended By This?

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06/10/2014 4:59PM
Girl Breast Feeding At Her Graduation, Are You Offended By This?
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06/10/2014 11:11PM
Sheila Aulbach
Hell. Y Natural. Babies eat when their hungry. You see worse boobs at wal mart You see
06/11/2014 7:39AM
Not offeneded
I am definitely not offended but she could have pumped so she would not have to so that, I mean the baby has to eat but to distract her classmates is crazy
06/11/2014 9:01AM
let us not forget we are mammals
No one should be offended or distracted, we are mammals, it's a part of nature. Do you get offended when other mammals do it.
06/11/2014 7:18PM
Not offended... But
Offended, no; however, there is an appropriate time & place, & I'm not so sure this is it!
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