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Gangnum Style BITES!!!

Ok i get it... It's always fun having a song that pops out of noooooo where and blows up for some odd reason.. But, this song Gangnum Style is really HORRIBLE... It was all over every TV show including SNL about 2 weeks ago and still continues to be popular.. I don't get it and never will.. It's in the top 5 downloaded songs in New Orleans, It's everywhere!  Am I the only one who would like to forget this as quick as it came, I'd wish it would leave:)))

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10/02/2012 1:52PM
Gangnum Style BITES!!!
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10/02/2012 11:17PM
Gangnum Style does truly BITE!!!!
Jammer, you are not alone. It boggles my mind how "songs" like this one manage to prove that our culture, like our nation, is becoming a facebook using, you tube watching, twitter twitting bunch of mushed brained morons that can not recognize c r a p when it gangnum styles in front of them. C'est la vie.
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