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Have you seen the new TV show "THE FOLLOWING"? Great show staring Kevin Bacon.. So many twists and turns and ups and downs.. If you can catch it from the beginning you won't regret it... Fox also says it will have a new show every Monday soyou don't have to wait forever to catch a new episode... Well written, produced, and great story line.. Let me know what you think!

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03/11/2013 8:35PM
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03/20/2013 11:58AM
i don't feel sorry for any of the characters except the son,most of the innocent law enforcement,innocent victims and innocent population.i don't like or care about the star federal agent who lusts for,and sleeps with the killer's wife.i don't like or care about the wife who should of known that this man had problems,before she married him then had his son.then she violates her vows even to a killer.the star villain killer and his cult who kills innocent people instead of seeking mental help,i hate them.
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