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So my dog loves me..and she sux!

The other night there was crazy rain.  My dogs were out using the bathroom and when I went to the door to let them in, I noticed Sally brought a dead rat on the patio.  WHY DID SHE DO THAT? She's not even a cat! Usually the cats bring me dead rats. The worst part is Stevie went out to pick it up and she grabbed it and tried to run off.  I was so grossed out and now Sally won't be getting kisses for a long long LONG time. LOL

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04/16/2014 4:48PM
So my dog loves me..and she sux!
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05/08/2014 3:45PM
05/08/2014 3:56PM
Cute Dog!
05/08/2014 4:00PM
Dog is clever
Dog is clever
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