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Bill Clinton Sing "Blurried Lines" [VIRAL VIDEO]
How did ole Bill do? Lol

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Topics: Politics

USEFULL?: Ever Dropped Your Phone In Water?
Would This Be Usefull For You?

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Topics: Human Interest

ROCK BOTTOM?: Amanda Bynes Lights Fire in Some Ones Drive Way... [VIDEO]
This is BAAAADDDDD!....

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LOCKED DOWN: Britney Spears Signs 2 YR Contract With Planet Hollywood in Vegas!
Who's Down To Go See Her?

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Cory Monteith: Cause of Death RELEASED

    Cory Monteith died of a alcohol and heroin overdose. The reports say Cory would stay clean while on set for Glee then he led a double life when he went back home to Canada.
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People: Cory Monteith

REALLY?: Justin Bieber Caught Peeing in A Restaurants Mop Bucket. [VIDEO]
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People: Justin Bieber

CAN'T TRUST ANYONE: Women Hires "Hitman" To Kill Her Husband
"Because it's easier than a divorce"

1st Meeting
2nd Meeting
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AWESOME: Woman Builds Prosthetic Leg Out Of Legos! (VIDEO)


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WHAT?!: Justin Bieber is Gonna Be In Fast & Furious 7? [Official Trailer]

Ok fine... maybe not but still... do you think the Biebs would be able to act?

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