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CAKE CAKE CAKE: Miley Cyrus pays $5,000 for a Bang ... erz Cake [PIC]

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03/24/2014 5:04PM
CAKE CAKE CAKE: Miley Cyrus pays $5,000 for a Bang ... erz Cake [PIC]
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03/24/2014 10:26PM
It should have bacon in it, or come with a unicorn!
03/24/2014 10:41PM
Her money , her cake .
03/24/2014 10:52PM
who would buy such an expensive cake where you might don't know that cake has something that doesn't suit people's mouth ==
03/24/2014 10:54PM
Tongue cake
She could do wath ever she want is her money.
03/24/2014 10:56PM
Free Country
It's AMERICA - good for her ! go get your own cake
03/24/2014 10:57PM
who cares?
she is rich, 5000 dollars to her is 5 to us.. lol
03/24/2014 10:58PM
03/24/2014 11:03PM
Sheeza Baller
Cool she can do what she want to
03/24/2014 11:06PM
I like how the person who is calling her "retarded" doesn't even know how to spell it or use simple correct grammar or punctuation. Your point is moot.
03/24/2014 11:13PM
She has money, so what?
03/24/2014 11:16PM
Wondering what's too much for a rich chick :/
03/24/2014 11:18PM
It must be special. To her
03/24/2014 11:28PM
That cake must be huge lol
03/24/2014 11:41PM
hukka dtl
her money her choice...
03/24/2014 11:43PM
umm is she okay? or something .-.
03/24/2014 11:55PM
Good on her
Long as you had fun hope enjoyed the cake
03/25/2014 12:22AM
Cakes aren't cheap. i got a 2 tier, 1ftx1ft cake for my sweet 16, costed like 400 bucks. if she has the money for it, let her do what she wants.
03/25/2014 12:24AM
now i want cake
Hells yea Miley wanna share boo? XD & its her money she can buy whatever she wants (:
03/25/2014 12:24AM
As Mary Antoinette Queen of Paris supposedly said "Let them eat cake"
03/25/2014 12:30AM
Thùy Linh
thấy bình thường vs một người như Miley đơn giản vì thích Miley thôi :))) GATO làm chi.
03/25/2014 12:32AM
She is queen
She's perfection she can do what see likes
03/25/2014 12:35AM
What eva!
She can have anything she want bc its her life not ours!
03/25/2014 12:50AM
Tee Hee
I want one haha I like cake 😁
03/25/2014 1:01AM
Good on her, id buy it ! (if i had any money) and Beyonce -drunk in love- EAT THE CAKE, ANIMAY, SAID EAT THE CAKE
03/25/2014 1:09AM
Buy why she buy all that money
03/25/2014 1:10AM
Why did she buy all that money for only for a cake I don't get it
03/25/2014 1:22AM
Five grand? I could really use that money..
03/25/2014 1:29AM
people dont get it...5k is not much... she have multi-millions... she probably make at least 5000 an hour
03/25/2014 1:51AM
Cake cake
She must love cake if she spent 5,000 on it wow
03/25/2014 1:53AM
DECiSiON's but i wat it aLL so i get it aLL i wanna it the whoLe cake, im not sharing, im not sharing.. you shouLd have to Learn how to bake. yes i want it aLL so i get it aLL, i wanna eat the whole cake im not sharing im not sharing .YOU SHOULD HAVE LEARNED BiTCHES LOVE CAKE hihi :)
03/25/2014 2:37AM
ok??? your point is..
The cake was pretty bad a** though
03/25/2014 2:39AM
mileys is awesome and so is cake
Her money her choice,
03/25/2014 2:45AM
where is the pic of a cake?
03/25/2014 2:49AM
03/25/2014 2:54AM
Argent ou pas, en période de crise mondiale, c'est honteux...ne pas le faire savoir serait plus indécent ! Je pense que cet argent foutu en l'air aurait mieux servi aux actions contre la faim dans le monde...même si elle l'a gagné (et faut voir comment..) c'est stupide comme d'hab ! Enfin....
03/25/2014 3:31AM
leave miley its her muni its pocket change 4 her
03/25/2014 3:34AM
Miles cake
So what she can afford it. And it just depends on who is making it.
03/25/2014 3:35AM
The cake isn't even here ,
03/25/2014 3:51AM
miley cyrus
i could use 5,000.:(
03/25/2014 4:27AM
03/25/2014 4:39AM
that's her money .. she can spent it when ever she wants too
03/25/2014 4:40AM
could be spent helping others but its not poor taste..
I believe I couldve done grest thingscw 5 grand but she spentsnthat on trivial things all the time im sure! What ever makesher happy.. her ssoal deseves to be comforted as well! She works hard therefore she plays hard!! Stop hating.God dont like ugly!!!
03/25/2014 4:49AM
Don waste money
Shez spending a lot on sth that won't be of benefit....u cud hav spent it on sth constructive....but all in all its not money got from doing good deeds its Just her salary got from exposing her body to the world..
03/25/2014 4:52AM
I wish I had 5k but I also wish I had cake...
Wait till she gets knocked up ...
03/25/2014 5:01AM
s#! popped
Her cake was dope as f¿¢k swtbs it was a red velvet cake and who doesn't like red velvet retarded????...btw quit coming like a creep!!!!!!!!!
03/25/2014 5:05AM
She's still a kid...
She's still a kid to have the knwlege of spending money...Yes its her money but the money is gain from whom she is being love...Learn to spent it wise...or u won't hve chances of twice!
03/25/2014 5:20AM
$#! popped
As I scroll down through this log and see the many haters it pisses me off...if she got it she flaunts it what's the problem let her do her she worked pretty hard for it and it's her money...you want what she has get up and go get it it's not gonna fall in your lap and hating is not gonna solve anything she's just young,wild & free we all was once there before I find nothing her living her life like she wants and being able to do what it is she wants to do...I love Miley Cyrus and she has my support...btw you want to see the cake click on the tmz link above I love it :-)
03/25/2014 5:24AM
$#! popped
Typo*wrong with
03/25/2014 5:36AM
She can do what ever she wants it is a free country
03/25/2014 5:50AM
I can't believe they made Miley pay that for a cake and Miley shouldn't care what other people say saying that it's Restarted it's her Money and she can do anything she want with it . And i love miley and her songs .
03/25/2014 5:52AM
free will
come on people..all get a life cos miley has got an awesome life of herself..
03/25/2014 5:52AM
Love Miley
I want to be like Miley Cyrus... Love you BOO
03/25/2014 5:54AM
She rich $5000 is abt $5 to us....leave her tha f*ck alone its not ur business.....
03/25/2014 5:56AM
Miley why would you spend $5,000 on a cake when you could buy something you need!?
03/25/2014 6:01AM
She can have her cake and eat it to
03/25/2014 6:07AM
yummy cake
Its her money she can waist it if she wants
03/25/2014 6:22AM
Lol shoooooot I would I just wanna see what tha cake look like ♡
03/25/2014 6:24AM
Tour Bus
I need a tour bus....just saying since she is throwing money around. It can be used too :-)
03/25/2014 6:24AM
Jus seen it I would pay 5 Gz for that ..itz wild n free cake
03/25/2014 6:33AM
03/25/2014 6:44AM
Cakes bitchs
Bitchs love cake,go miley!😘
03/25/2014 6:47AM
Freak Cake.
Are you kidding me? I can't believe that. Miley Cyrus don't know that how to spent money.
03/25/2014 7:00AM
She can do whatever she wants .
03/25/2014 7:07AM
luv yaaa
money is speaking
03/25/2014 7:08AM
03/25/2014 7:13AM
Well it's her money let her spend it on wht she wants
03/25/2014 7:14AM
Don't be jealous or mad cuz she is rich. She worked hard for money. So she can do anything she want! It's her life. You're not the one to judge her. It's her money, she can buy whatever she wants.
03/25/2014 7:17AM
go for it its your money
While your at it buy me some shoes
03/25/2014 7:18AM
That a very potent space cake marijuana that why it so expensive
03/25/2014 7:25AM
Luv her to pieces
So many haters. I think it's jealousy. She's young vibrant and smart and beautiful. If I had her talents and looks and money, I'd b just like her.
03/25/2014 7:25AM
It's my party and I do what I want to... Bang on Miley... U rock hun.
03/25/2014 7:41AM
don't be jealous the she has the money to buy a $5,000 cake...next time.....be famous
03/25/2014 7:46AM
She's turning into Kim...
03/25/2014 8:56AM
So what if she bought that cake in such price? Get a life stop caring bout miley she is a grown woman now.and she dont need ur pointless opinions bout her life, her songs and her cake! My advice to miley just live your life and dont mind the insecures trying to bring you down. Coz for me. YOU ROCK!! Iloveyoumiley!!
03/25/2014 10:08AM
03/25/2014 10:39AM
Love Miley!
She's the best 😊 Do what you want Miley!!!😘
03/25/2014 11:04AM
why not
I wonder how much 1 slice of her cake costs
03/25/2014 11:22AM
No longer Disney. She is who she is!!!!
03/25/2014 11:43AM
Love Miley
stop the bashing, she's just doing her job,.. what beyonce @ Rihanna @ many can do the same and get away with it , go\s to show how stupid entertainment world is..
03/25/2014 11:48AM
That Cake Dope asf
That cake look raw as hell! Nice job Miley. ShewI should go to her for cake designs lmao I love Miley Cyrus :) #Bangerz
03/25/2014 11:49AM
Wondering if u would send me some money my address is 216 dovewood. Ct Nashville TN 37211 thank u
03/25/2014 12:04PM
always knew she had bad taste well now we all know
03/25/2014 12:54PM
Love Her
Miley is amazing!
03/25/2014 12:55PM
Her money her cake shut up fucking haterr smile
03/25/2014 1:31PM
love miley I wanna be her
Omg it is nice
03/25/2014 1:48PM
Cakes are expensive. Especially, one that big with that much detail.
03/25/2014 4:28PM
the cake
Good job Miley I love it. I make my own money and blow it whenever and on whatever I want. I'm glad to see someone else with the same ideals. Anyone who doesn't like it. Look away...mlol
03/25/2014 4:53PM
omg dude it's you so be happy and enjoy it
03/25/2014 5:57PM
03/25/2014 6:11PM
cake loving
Good on for you miley
03/25/2014 6:13PM
cake loving
Love to meet you be happy and enjoy your life
03/25/2014 6:14PM
Tracy bebey
03/25/2014 6:45PM
Orgullo Lgbt
Me encanta me fascina que guapa es.. yo le regalo todos los pasteles q quiera.. o un tamal colombianooo jajajaja
03/25/2014 9:07PM
03/25/2014 9:10PM
Hope she enjoys it. Its her life let her live we all buy cakes she jus wanted a 5000 dolls one so jus leave the girl alone already
03/30/2014 4:14PM
Miley i need money to further my studies. I want to be a doctor one day but no funds. if u can help me with lil u got i will be happy. love your cake wish i had a piece. all the way from Namibia Africa.
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