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Big Obnoxious Trucks

I was driving today and saw the biggest most obnoxious truck.  It wasn't that the truck was big it was the tires.  I wish they didn't sell tires that big to regular people.  Doesn't that cause more gas usage and harmful emissions? Another thing, you think people who drive those big cars are over compensating for something? LOL

10/07/2011 10:05AM
Big Obnoxious Trucks
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10/16/2011 10:11AM
iphone 5 prototype
Individuals are yours alright! . We at the very least should get these individuals stealing photographs to get started on running a blog! They possibly just did a picture investigation and grabbed them. They appear great although!
10/19/2011 9:02AM
Can't pull a boat with a small fuel efficient car and some of us don't have the luxury of making enough money a year to own more than one vehicle.
10/29/2011 8:27PM
If you're reading this and you own a big truck, then GET RID OF IT. No offense to people with big trucks. But seriously dude, you gotta get rid of it.
11/17/2011 2:22PM
You know what is more obnoxious? People who take pictures while driving.
09/11/2012 10:44PM
Do suburbans count?
I'm a teen who drives his dad's old suburban. Does that count? haha
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