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Sam Smith Joins the Show [AUDIO]

J-Si went backstage with one of the hottest artists of 2014, and he asked Sam Smith about a karaoke incident that got him in trouble. Check it out below!

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Tinder Tuesday [AUDIO]

What would you do if you matched with one of your friend's husband on the dating app Tinder? We spoke with a listener who did just that and the cast gives their advice. Listen below!

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Discussing Ebola in the US [AUDIO]

We give you an update on the ebola virus and want to know if the outbreak has changed your daily routine. We opened the phone lines to hear from you.

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J-Si's Movie Screening [VIDEO]

It's J-Si's first movie and he finally gets a sneak preview of "REBORN." He's nervous about Kinsey seeing his love scene.

Check out the trailer for "REBORN" starring J-Si.

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Big Al's Post Op Interview [AUDIO]

Producer Nick stuck a recorder in front of Big Al when he awoke from surgery, and he didn't disappoint. It starts with Big Al ordering a Vodka and Red Bull. You don't want to miss what he says next!

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Bethany Mota Joins Us [AUDIO]

Dancing with the Stars contestant and YouTube sensation Bethany Mota joins us. She is proud to present the world premiere of her new single "Need You Right Now" featuring Mike Tompkins! Listen below.

Watch her most recent YouTube video below!

Also, check out how she did in Week 4 on Dancing with the Stars.

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J-Si Goes Backstage [AUDIO]

Eminem is one of J-Si's idols and he was willing to fight one bouncer just to be backstage during his performance. Listen to his story below or read J-Si's Blog: Eminem!!!

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New Ebola Patient [AUDIO]

A nurse who treated ebola patient Thomas Duncan was diagnosed with ebola over the weekend. Have you changed your routine because of this scare?

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Kellie's Big Speech [AUDIO]

The cast tried to help Kellie conquer her fear of public speaking by writing opening lines for her. Listen to hear the audio from Kellie's speech and to find out how she did below!

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J-Si's potential date with Seth Rogen [AUDIO]

J-Si reveals to his wife how much money he spent to potentially have the greatest bro-date EVER! We asked Kinsey how she feels about the purchase. Listen to her response below!

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Luke Wade from "The Voice" In-Studio

Luke Wade from "The Voice" joined us in the Canal Side Lounge. He sang "Tighten Up" by The Black Keys and his song "The Runaround" for us. Listen and check out pictures from his interview and performance below!

Luke Wade's song "The Runaround"

Luke Wade's cover for The Black Keys – "Tighten Up"

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Kellie's Radio Book Club

Kellie is starting up a new Book Club. She'll start sharing her great book suggestions with you. Who wants to join? Check out the first book below!

Buy "Get The Guy" by Matthew Hussey on Amazon.

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Nick Jonas In-Studio [VIDEOS/PICS]

Nick Jonas
joins us in-studio. He talks about the drink he invented, a tweet from JLo and his new single "Jealous." Check out out the pictures and video below!

btn_red part two btn_red-part-three btn_red-part-four

Watch his live performance of "Jealous," "Chains" and Nick Jonas' cover of Coldplay's "Magic" below!

btn_red-chains btn_red-coldplay-cover-magic

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Secret Marriages [AUDIO]

Jeremy Renner secretly married his long time girlfriend, our phone screener secretly married over the weekend and we opened up the phone lines to hear from you. Listen and share your stories below!

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Big Al's Anniversary Do-Over & Do-Over-Over [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack has another opportunity to give his Dr. Girlfriend a wonderful two year anniversary, but the future doesn't look that bright. Listen to find out what it might sound like below!


Big Al Mack planned another date with Dr. Girlfriend to try to make up for the weekend… and last year. We all want to know… How did it go? You don't want to miss this, listen below!

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J-Si's Blog: And its over... just like that!

We were finally able to have Chloe's first birthday party… almost a month late, but worth the wait. I had to travel the last few weekends for work, and I definitely did not want to miss it, so we pushed it back to this weekend. I am an easy going baby party planner, meaning I just think we need the essentials: cake, candy goody bags, and food. Boom!

Kinsey, on the other hand, is an over the top baby party planner. She loves parties, and she said this could be her "last 1st birthday party" that she ever gets to throw for her kids. She always leaves the option open, just in case I am down to have a 3rd. She also said the same thing with Cason's 1st party, but this one was a lil more over the top.

She started the party at 3pm, why? Because that gave us all day to start putting it together, after she had been gettings stuff put together the entire week. The theme of the party was "Hello Kitty". Why? Because I dont know why, but the theme looked cute. I was busy worrying about spraying my yard with mosquito killer, which ended up all over me thanks to a wind change, and putting up the bounce house. Yup. We got a bounce house for a one year old party. I was skeptical about the bounce house, but it turned out to be a great idea because it kept the 2-5 year olds occupied the whole time, and kept them out of my house, where more damage could occur.

So, a month of planning, a week of preparing, and entire morning spent getting everything just right… and it was over in a couple of hours. Reminded of a wedding. Chloe even had a wardrobe change: she had a party outfit, and then changed into her cake outfit (both outfits made by some of Kinsey's friends).

In my eyes, I would say the party was a great success. Nobody was hurt, there were minimal fights, Cason was given a couple of toys, so he didn't feel left out, and only had one melt down.

jsi-blog-pic-093014Unfortunately, Kinsey did not feel the same way. As soon as everyone left, I walked to our dining room and noticed something that should have taken place during the party. At that same moment Kinsey comes running in saying "crap! Your family in Mexico wants pictures!" I looked at her and said, "so send them some pictures." She looked at me with dispair in her eyes and said, "but they want piñata pictures…" she exhaled and continued, "now, I am never going to be looked at as a Mexican." She thinks her "Mexican Card" will be pulled for life. I told her that was the first time I was at a family party without a piñata… I could tell her eyes were starting to water… and finished by saying that I didn't even notice, and that it was more fun. She looked at me and said, "what if we just have all the kids come over next week, and just have them hit the piñata, and I tell your family we had some picture issues. They'll never know… unless you say it on the radio!" That's my wife, always thinking on the bright side!

At least now we have waaaaay too much candy, and a Hello Kitty piñata… so thats cool!
- J-Si

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Reagan James from "The Voice" [VIDEO/PICS]

Reagan James from “The Voice” joined us in the Canal Side Lounge. She sang “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith and an original song for us. Listen and check out pictures from her performance and interview below!



ORIGINAL: Untitled


COVER: “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith


Also, check out “The Voice” Blind Audition where she preformed “Give Me Love”

Kidd Kraddick’s Talent Scout Competition 2013


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Big Al Hires a Homeless Man [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack hired one man on the spot, after he walked 5 miles to apply for a job. It turned out he was homeless and Big Al was trying to help him get back on his feet. Check out the story below!


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Tinder Tuesday: Jenna's Gift [AUDIO/PICS]

Well, it’s been another week… Did Kellie stay on Tinder? What gift did Jenna receive from an admirer? The cast goes through the differences between women and men, when using Tinder. Listen to it all below!

Jenna’s Gift

Jennas-Tinder-flowers-on-table Jennas-Tinder-flowers



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Bryana from our Rock Camp is on The Voice!

Bryana Salaz was apart of Kidd Kraddick’s Rock Camp in 2012. Last night she auditioned for “The Voice” and was selected on Gwen Stefani’s team. Check out her humble beginnings with us and “The Voice” below!

Kidd Kraddick’s Rock Camp 2012 – Meet Bryana

Three Day Magick – “Breaking Point” (Kidd Kraddick’s Rock Camp 2012 video)

“The Voice” Blind Audition – “Problem”

“The Voice” – Interview



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