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Being sorry when you say you are

One of the struggles I have as a parent is teaching my daughter to say she is sorry and meaning it.  It's so difficult because I hear other parents tell their kids to "say you're sorry" for whatever they have done.  The thing I notice is that they don't tell them why they should be sorry.  Even if you give a quick example of why they should I don't know if kids actually understand. I try to make my daughter understand why she did whatever she did was wrong.  I see so many adults who have to apologize for things and it's never sincere.  They either don't care or understand how their actions or words hurt others.  Hopefully by teaching my young daughter about her actions she will grow into an adult who can admit when she is wrong and seek forgiveness. image used with creative commons

08/25/2011 9:44AM
Being sorry when you say you are
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