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I love cats!!

Last night I watched some documentary on Big Cats.  It was about lions, and tigers, and leopards. I can't believe how beautiful they are.  Even though they are big, tigers get up to 600 lbs, they are graceful and very skilled hunters.  Lions hunt together and Siberian tigers can swim.  I also saw a Bengal tiger propel itself out of water to attack some people on a boat.  AMAZING!!! My love of cats doesn't stop there.  My sweet Bingo (my black and white cat) reminds me of a big cat in a little cat's body LOL.  And Sprocket reminds me of a mischievous little cub :)

08/03/2011 10:00AM
I love cats!!
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08/03/2011 10:37AM
Bingo cats | Insidercoachin
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