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Local American Idol Contestant Lauren Turner Stops By The Swirl

Part 1: lt1 Part 2: lt2 Part 3: lt3 Meet Lauren's Mom: lt4

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03/16/2011 4:45PM
Local American Idol Contestant Lauren Turner Stops By The Swirl
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03/16/2011 5:50PM
I Love Lauren T. She never should have left the show. Man I miss her.
03/16/2011 6:49PM
Lauren got robbed!That's all I got to say. great interview.
03/16/2011 7:03PM
I thought the interview was great. Lauren sounds so comfortable and at ease when interviewing. I thought she handeled herself great. I also liked that call in from someone named Kitty
03/16/2011 8:25PM
Wish Lauren was still on! Great interview. Come back Lauren!!
03/17/2011 7:47AM
Lauren Turner, our NOLA idol. She's a star if you ask me.
03/17/2011 5:09PM
Does Lauren have a band? I would love to hear her again. Does anyone know?
03/18/2011 10:58AM
OMG I am still laughing at the meet the Mom interview....lol
03/23/2011 4:34AM
Hey, just wondering again if Lauren t has a band? Man, she got robbed
03/23/2011 4:44AM
I think Lauren is hot, she's got a voice that's strong and sexy. She had my vote, don't understand why she didn't make it.
04/04/2011 8:00PM
Makes me sick to my stomach this girl was cut. follow her on twitter @Lauren_E_Turner you also have to listen to her new cover song crazy for you by adelle. its awesome
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