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Someone took a steaming crap in Resentment's cereal this morning

I was looking at the comments for our blogs today and someone who called themselves "resentment" left this sweet little comment:

"Dear Afternoon Swirl, My boss plays b97 every single day. So not only do I have to listen to the same songs repeatedly, I nearly cry whenever the swirl comes on. Stevie G your voice makes me want to throw my body off a cliff. T Pot your laugh makes babies cry and makes me want to slam my head against the wall. Seriously there is no way possible that your laugh is real, its repulsive. The point is, I would rather sell my soul than listen to you for 3 minutes and would pay good money to see that I need have to hear the sounds that come out of y’alls mouthes ever again. I am sure that y’all are great people but running my car off the causeways sounds more appealing than listening."

Well, resentment, first of all I am sorry you have to spend so many hard grueling hours listening to us.  I know it's got to be so tough on you.  I was talking to a few starving orphans who told me I had to quit telling them your situation because it was just too difficult to hear about someone experiencing such pain. Might I offer you some advice.  I've been in therapy for quite some time now and know that we cannot control the actions of other people, we can only control our own.  Therefore, you can't stop me from laughing, but you can stop my laughter from entering your ears.  Headphones to your ipod would be nice, or even tuning us out would work. I'm sure that after taking control of the situation you will feel much better. Have a nice day resentment :) And here's a little picture I like to send that usually spreads cheer to others.

01/21/2011 1:50PM
Someone took a steaming crap in Resentment's cereal this morning
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01/21/2011 2:10PM
Jeanie Parris
it sounds like Resentment needs a life does he have nothing better to do then send nasty message.maybe he should buy a set of ear plugs they are cheap & stop crying about stupid bullshit.there are people with real issue out there not eating or maybe sleeping in a doorway at least he has a job.
02/08/2011 7:43AM
WOW!! How sad are you that the mere sound of joy from other people gets you so upset... Personally, I enjoy listening to the SWIRL. I wish I could spend my time at work with someone I love. As for the comments of hearing the same songs over and over again... I listen ALL DAY and dont have that problem. Maybe T- Pot is right, you should consider therapy... or at the very least, a hug? Love you guys at the swirl. SMOOCHES...
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