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Everything Wrong With Every Movie
If you love laughing at movie mistakes but are too lazy to find them yourself, well have I got the YouTube channel for you!

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3 weeks away
My due date is about 19 days away and I am so exctied.  Everyday I think of different reasons why I love being a mom.  Since I only have one kid, the reasons revolve around Natty. 

Whenever I go through the pictures on my phone I always find random pics of her doing things.  It makes me laugh every time.  She is 5 and knows how to get in my phone and use the camera, play games, or whatever she feels like.  She doesn't send text yet because she can't read.

There will come a day when she sends text to my friends though.  I bet that will be funny to me, but annoying to them. But in the meantime, seeing her random pictures makes my day.

She took this one last weekend after we came back from Disney on Ice. 
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