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Posts from March 2013

Her favorite place to rest
At night my very hyper but sweet dog Sally cuddles up to fall alseep and her favorite spot is right there on my belly.  It's weird because I have never had a dog that was all about me.  If someone approaches the house my dog Audrey is right by the door freaking out but Sally stays by my side.  She stands there next to me and watches the door.  It makes me feel like she's staying there in case she needs to protect me.  She knows I'm in a delicate way LOL

She might be all stinky, but she's my little stinky :)
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My kinda gross habits
I am totes obsessed with looking at my eyebrow waxings!  I wax my own, which is why they look the way they do.  I'm always amazed at how much or how little hair comes off in the wax.  Can you say freak of nature? Yes, that's me.

The coolest thing is that my sister went to school to be an aesthetitian and I usually send her a pic of my eyebrow hairs cuz I figure she's the only one who will appreciate my weirdness. So see, there's two of us.
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Respecting the time of others
People don't respect time enough.  It really speaks volumes when you are late to do something with someone.  Whether it's a meeting or dinner, you really say how you feel about that person when you show up 30 minutes late or not at all. 

Are people late as a way to be passive aggressive?  They want to tell you they don't like you, or don't care, so they just show up late as a way to spit on you. 

The point is, try your hardest to be on time.  Don't be passive aggressive about it.  If you don't want to be there, then let the other party know.

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