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Posts from June 2012

Taking the kid to the circus
When I was little I loved the circus!!! My grandparents always took me and it was so much fun.  Now, Stevie and I love to watch Natty experience it.  She was mesmerized and loved every second of it, espcially the elephants. 

The only thing was I, for the first time, felt sorry for the animals.  I have never felt that before.  The horses had on a harness that kept their heads down and the elephants pooped all over the floor.  It just made me feel like animals shouldn't be performers.  It's hard though because the cirus is amazing. 

I have no doubt that the animals are treated humanely, but I have to wonder if they really enjoy doing tricks for screaming audiences.

This pic is of Natty doing her best fake smile while trying on the circus clothes LOL
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Stevie's Cool Friend From High School Paul Perret Talks About The Power Of The S
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The Stupid Idiot - the latest dance craze!
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We got a new puppy
It's Natty's first animal.  She's very excited.  We did get a cat last year but you know how cats are LOL  They are temperamental so she doesn't feel like it's hers.  This new puppy is all for her.  She named her Sally.  The G house feels complete now.  No more animals for a few years smiley

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