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Posts from October 2011

Saints WR Lance Moore Back On The Swirl...
Lance Moore Talks To The Swirl For The First Time Of The 2011 Season:

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Big Obnoxious Trucks
I was driving today and saw the biggest most obnoxious truck.  It wasn't that the truck was big it was the tires.  I wish they didn't sell tires that big to regular people.  Doesn't that cause more gas usage and harmful emissions? Another thing, you think people who drive those big cars are over compensating for something? LOL
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Why do I love bread so much?
Seriously, I can't get enough bread.  I love those Pillsbury rolls too.  Stevie's mom makes garlic  bread and I usually woof it down before anyone else can get some.  What would I do if someone put me on a low carb diet? I might die...for real.
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