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Posts from September 2011

A friendship breakdown
Have you ever had a friend that just doesn't fit well in your life anymore?  You realize that you have both evolved past what you used to be and you don't really like each other anymore. I think that is natural.  The best thing to do is to not be angry.  Just understand we all evolve.  There's nothing wrong with growing up.  The problem is when neither of you want to grow up and you still try to hang on.  Just let go, you still have your great memories.  Those will never go away.
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It's the amazing sock hands!!!
Stevie thought it was hilarious I moisturized my hands and fell asleep with socks on to hold in the oil.  I don't have those glove things.  So you work with what you got!
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Time isn't moving fast enough!!!
I need life to calm down!!!  For the last couple of months my life has been one big to-do list.  Laparoscopic surgery, a baby shower for my sister, a bridal shower for a friend, cruise for work, and now my sister is about to give birth any day.  Also,Natty and I are in a wedding this Saturday. I seriously want to scream.  I need to be in someone's yoga class like NOW!
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Do people really fall for this?
Swirl best friend Johnny always gets those emails saying he has a long lost relative who died and left him a million dollars and all he has to do is put in his bank information to get it.  Do people really fall for that?  We laugh all the time about it.  I would love to meet the people who believe that stuff.  I would also love to meet the people who send out those emails.  I'm sure their as dumb as a box of hammers.
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God, Fate, or Whatever Else It Is
In the past I have asked questions like "why did this happen" or "why can't I have this" and never got answers.  Well, I learned that the answers will come in time, and never question why things happen.  Just live life and make sure you are happy.  Ifyou live according to your own rules and never take anything for granted, you will always find your answers. Tpot
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Would you let a family member die over religious beliefs?
My sister is Jehovah's Witness and she told me today, when she goes in to have her son, to not let the hospital give her blood.  I'm going to be there with her and find it hard to  think about that.  Those are her beliefs, and I don't want to go against them. It's so hard having family members with different religious views.
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The Swirl Cruise
Tomorrow we leave for the Swirl cruise.  I am so excited and ready for some rest and relaxation.  My bff is in Mexico right now on a vacation and he sent me a picture this morning of what I have to look forward to.  I cannot wait!!!!! Blue water here we come!
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I'm officially in the mommy club
There are certain task you have to complete to get in this club. 1st: Get vomited on 2nd: pass out and sleep for a few hours wearing a tshirt with baby vomit on you. 3rd: Plan birthday parties 4th: go to other kid's parties 5th: get crapped on by your baby There are so many more that I can't even mention.  But today I reached a new level.  I am selling those entertainment coupon books for Natty's school.  She started school today and I'm already selling stuff. I'm taking such pride in this too.  When I was little my family didn't really sell this stuff outside of making other family members buy it.  I love that I can do this for her.  Being a mommy is wonderful.
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I need a hobby
Sometimes I get these spells where I am bored or going stir crazy.  After talking to my therapist today I discovered I needed a hobby.  I've always enjoyed making things but never had the motivation to do it because I feared ridicule.  I don't fear that anymore.  I fear not being happy and complete.  Therefore, I will get a hobby. I will be making soap.  I can't wait to share my gifts and myself with others.  I won't sell it or anything.  It will just be something that I give as gifts. Yay for hobbies!!!
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Shoes that tie themselves???
Nike is trying to make shoestrings that tie themselves!!!   It's based on Back To The Future 2.  How long before the shoe strings become self aware and strangle us all? McFly's Closet
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Surgery done! Now it's cruise time
My life has been like one big to do list.  I had my friend's shower and bachelorette party and then surgery (laparoscopic) and now it's cruise time. Thank goodness the busy season is almost over.  After the cruise I have my frien'ds wedding and then my sister will have her baby...maybe not in that order LOL Thanks for all the good thoughts.  Here are my before and after surgery pics.  BTW, everything is alright. I just got monster cramps. :-/



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