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Winning is as easy as "1...2...3 on the B!"

Now listening to B97 is more fun than ever because when you hear 3 particular songs in a row...you can win amazing prizes!!!!

And playing is just as easy as 1...2...3!

1.) Listen throughout the day to B97 and we'll tell you what songs you're listening for this week

2.) We'll play those 3 songs back to back (with no other songs between them) sometime between 6am - 12mid

3.)  When you hear the 3rd song start...call B97 at 504-260-9797!  That's it!  Caller #97 wins!

Want a hint when the songs will play?  Sign up to be a FreeBLoader and get our emails and we'll send out little hints!

Here are the next 3 songs to listen for:
"1-2-3 on the B!"
Is Not Available At This Time.

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